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Clipping Wings

We've had a number of breakouts this week. The chickens have discovered that the "grass is greener" on the other side of the fence. We have a 4 ft range wire fence, and several of the chickens have chosen to fly over it this week. The problem is that, as fun and seemingly smart as they are (they do learn their names), they aren't smart enough to figure out how to get back over the fence. And we have some dogs in the area that run loose, and I'm sure would not hesitate to feast on one of our chickens given the chance. So last night, we clipped wings. I know, I know, it supposed to be completely painless, no nerve endings in the flight feathers and all that. But it was still hard to do, mentally. And it was hard to do physically too, because believe me, the chickens did not want any part of it. Bertha has gotten mean, and she pecked at us so much she drew blood. I thought Buff Orpingtons were supposed to be sweet and gentle and good with kids? Anyway, no pictures from our adventures last night, because a) we're total beginners and b) it took all available hands to complete the task. But here is a video that we thought gave a good overview of the process.

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