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Here we go again ...

Well, that year flew by in a flash. Let's see what you missed.

I lost Princess Laya due to an unknown accident, and Louise to a hawk attack. I caught the hawk in action and chased it away, and then the resident crows chased it off. I wish they'd gotten there sooner. So I was left with Thelma and Lucy, along with rooster Bertha. I had already planned on getting some new chicks this spring, as I understand that egg production starts to wane once the chickens reach about 2 years old. So in early December, I added 4 10 week old pullets from Hoffman's Poultry in Sunset. I can't recommend Hoffman's enough, if you're in the area and looking for chicks, look them up on Facebook. So we added 2 speckled sussex, Suzy Q and Stella, and 2 cream legbars, Lois and Lottie. I am absolutely in love with the crests on the legbars, and I can't wait to see their pretty blue eggs. I do, however, see the new for a new, larger chicken coop in our future.

The next big news of 2023 was that we officially formed an LLC, Leaning Oaks Farm. I hope that gives me the impetus I need to really make a go at a hobby farm. I still have a lot to learn. And as completely unrelated as it sounds, we have invested in real estate. We purchased our first rental property in Colorado Springs, CO, and have also invested in shares of other rental properties.

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