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Today I am very grateful. I am grateful that my mother had the patience to teach me some rudimentary (very!) sewing skills when I was younger. And believe me, any lack of skills on my part are not due to my mother's lack of trying! But I can do some basic things and operate a sewing machine. So today, I put those limited skills to use and stitched up some curtains for the chicken coop!

The nesting boxes in our coop are quite open to the rest of the coop, and I have seen several posts on social media that indicated that chickens might prefer some privacy when they start to lay. So I dug around in my fabric scraps (left over from mask making) and ordered a simple tension rod from Amazon. Quite frankly, the hardest part of the entire job was finding a power cord for my sewing machine. This was my first time to get it out since we moved, and the power cord was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, my hubby had one in his "cord stash" that fit.

So here's how they turned out. Not bad, if I do say so myself! I hope the girls like them!!

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