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It's Been a While

Yes, I've been slacking the last couple of months. Well, really, I've been busy. We took several trips in the second half of the summer, and I'm still trying to catch up.

My garden has been limping along in the heat. Even with irrigation, the heat just really shuts things down. We put up shade cloth to try and help, but my tomatoes and peppers haven't really been doing much. I'm hoping that as temps start to cool a little bit, things will get better.

We did finally have some good rain though! It was glorious!! And things have greened up quite a bit.

Fortunately, the chickens have been handling the heat well. I did do my research and tried to choose breeds that were heat tolerant. They've also managed to find some cool spots in the yard as best they can. We have 4 hens laying (we're still waiting on Louise to lay again!), and we usually get 3-4 eggs per day.

The green egg there is a ceramic egg, used to encourage the hens to actually use the nesting boxes.

And here is Princess Laya, she's very particular about which nest box she uses.

So here's hoping for more rain in the forecast and some cooler temps!

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